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Thank you for registering your child to help us with our research! The personal data below will be used by the manager or by students of the Babylab to see which experiment your child can participate in and to contact you. We would like to point out that all your answers (in accordance with the code of conduct for the use of personal data in scientific research, VSNU 2005) will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. This data will be stored for a period of at least 10 years on a secure server at Utrecht University. By entering the information below you agree with this.

If you want to change or delete your information, you can do so via the selfservice ( using the e-mail address supplied below.

Participant registration

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Sometimes interns in the Babylab do not speak/write Dutch. Would you be okay with being contacted in English (by phone or email)?

Approximately once a year we send out a newsletter. If you want to receive this, you can say so here.

Language specific questions

Please fill in which languages your child is exposed to and the (estimated) percentage of the exposure to these languages. If you fill in these percentages (you don't have to), they must add up to 100

Data processing